Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Spirit


Whiteboard Session

Ideal for Founders & Startups (1-4 individuals).

Ever been "stuck" or "stagnant" while working on a startup or business project?  Or maybe you are looking for a fast paced entrepreneur to stir up new ideas?  I'm here to help in a very hands-on service as we take a deep dive into the problem and propose solutions and next best steps for your team to assess.

Location: Digital (Video Calls & Phone Calls) | Chicago (In-Person)​​​​


Hang Tight Cohort

Ideal for larger teams or organizations (4-22 individuals).

For a more formal, less intimate strategy session with multiple participants, Hang Tight cohort is the best choice.  As a group, we participate in problem solving and "ego destroying" habits that lead to a communicative team.

Location:  Only in Chicago (In-Person)​​​​

Brain of Brian

Are you a startup business or entrepreneur looking for a whiteboard session to get the workflow moving?  Or maybe you're an organization that wants their team members to think "outside the box" in a collective, engaging cohort session. 
Whether you are looking for some outside insight on your business or if you're wanting new ideas and perspectives in the workplace, check out my deluxe offerings.


Whiteboard Session

90 minute session

  • First 30 minutes is spent getting to know team members and their personalities, expertise, team balance

  • Identify the pains, gains, goals, and needs & create a roadmap toward a task(s)

  • Remainder of session (60 min) spent in whiteboard session


Hang Tight Cohort

2-3 hours per session (dependent on group size)

  • Curriculum based program geared to collective learning and teamwork

  • Group intensive learning environment

  • Hosted at client location to build a healthy work environment


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