A Bit About Me

"Life is a lot like a pair of chopsticks - the harder you grip, the less control you have."

Man, where do I start...

I currently reside in Chicago and am enjoying life.  I've been fortunate enough to interact with amazing people, places, activities, and ideas throughout my life and it's led me to believe in the power of people and myself.

I've always been a person to listen to my instincts and the more I've progressed, the more I have learned to use my voice in a productive and positive way.  To all you zodiac sign gurus out there, I am an AIR sign.  And yes, I absolutely take advantage of the ability to extend my creative thoughts into the world through my most utilized instrument (my voice).

I wouldn't provide services to the world if I did not believe my ability to deliver a positive and insightful result.  Whether it be a speech, creative brainstorming session, or a cohort session that has you wanting to reach out - I promise you my entirety while interacting together.


How can we work together?

We can work together from anywhere in the world.  Everything is made to be taught digitally as well as in-person (except for the Hang Tight Cohort, that is only in-person).

For in-person sessions, I am limited to Chicagoland area.  For digital services, such as speech coaching and whiteboard sessions, I am available to everyone in the world.

(Chicago- in person, digital - screen share, shared documents, phone) Anywhere in the world

Is our work private and confidential?

Yes.  I share my resources and services with you and I do not store any sensitive information regarding my clients.  The resources I provide are yours to have and to share.  However, I keep all client work private and confidential and do not share any information or data. 

For business clients, I am happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Where are you based?

Chicago, Illinois.  Come say hello sometime.

Can work digitally anywhere in the world and please don't hesitate to reach out at any time.

What do you need from me?

Your time and commitment to our sessions.  Just because you purchase a service, it does not mean you will automatically learn the skills and knowledge.  Be open to the idea of learning past your comfort zone and exploring new capabilities.

Can I drink a margarita and have you write the speech for me?

Only if you pour me one as well...

In all seriousness, no!  This is a team effort.  I do not write speeches in their entirety and give them to the client.  This is a hands-on learning environment and we work together on creating a speech that came from your truthful thinking.

Can the Hang Tight Cohort be hosted at a client's location?

Yes.  I would prefer it if we were at the work location where the team naturally operates.

(815) 703-8986

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