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Ever had the perfect speech that sounds amazing when you recite it in your head?  Or how about the cringe worthy feeling of being at a wedding hearing a “well, they tried their best” speech?

How often does a loved one or best friend give you the opportunity to be part of their special day?  The level of gratitude that is felt when asked to be part of a person’s special day can, in some cases, quickly turn to panic.  Why? Speeches. Heart racing, dry mouth, shortened breaths, confusion and fear of what to say; all things that I have experienced.

How nice would it be to walk up to a microphone and calmly and confidently deliver exactly what you want to express to the audience and the people you love.  Being able to express your true, thoughtful self to an audience seems so liberating! Fearful critic in the back, “but that’s impossible, everybody becomes nervous while public speaking.”  To their defense, public speaking is a common fear that affects an estimated 75% of the population.  

But here’s the difference, even the fearful critic still spoke up when they felt the truth and wanted to express themselves. The fearful critic has all the powers within themselves to become the confident speaker they see in the mirror.   See, it’s not the physical act of speaking that people fear, it’s the mental state of being vulnerable that causes doubt.  

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to be a “Best Man” for three people in my life and a business career in speech giving.  And in giving specific speeches that have enabled me to be myself, I shifted my mental outlook on the power of speeches. Whether it be weddings, business settings, or personal opportunities, I stay true toward myself while giving speeches.  Seeing vulnerability for what it really means (a growth opportunity) is how I have fallen in love with speech presentations.  

I’m here to be your guide and ensure that you deliver the best speech that is full of your truth and personality.  Take advantage of my time in order to empower yourself to be the best version of your confident, speaking self.



Expertise & Knowledge

Veteran Leadership & Confidence

  • Four years of service as a Cavalry Scout in the United States Army with a combat tour in Iraq

  • Awarded two Army commendation medals & three Army achievement medals

  • Garnered a distinct level of discipline, trust, and  the ability to communicate

Co-Founder & COO

  • Given 200+ speeches and presentations and managed all relationships among active clients

  • Placed in pitch competitions nationwide

  • Panelist Expert & Adviser for multiple organizations and startups

Cohort Creator & Host

  • Creator and host of  the "Hang Tight" cohort (located in Chicago)

  • Built the model and curriculum from years of experience while being a participant among other cohort programs


  • Published "My First Shell" in July 2019

  • Book is comprised of truthful thoughts and journal entries compiled from nearly three years of experience


"Want to know if something is worthwhile?  Listen to the participants, not the instructor."

Bry Liggins

I had the pleasure of working alongside Brian and was constantly in awe of how well he carried himself in conversation. I could never quite figure out how he remained so cool under pressure and managed to connect with the countless guests we faced with such ease. After learning he was an entrepreneur I was eager to share dreams I had of pursuing a business idea I'd been considering for years. It was then that everything began making perfect sense. Brian's ability to connect with such a wide variety of people stems from his strong sense of self-identity. Though I've only known Brian for a short time, I'm fairly confident I'll never meet a soul like him. His determination and self-awareness is infectious and creates a sense of comfort for those lucky enough to know him. 

Brian's honest and supportive nature gave me the push I needed to begin investing in a dream I feared would remain just that. He connected me with resources and a network of self-starters who were undergoing similar hardships. Having a sense of community has eliminated many barriers that prevented me from exploring avenues of opportunity for my business. Since meeting Brian and facing the initial hesitation of making the first step, I've built a team and am currently planning our first product launch. 

I can't thank Brian enough and hope maintaining our friendship allows me to soak up some more of that go-getter attitude of his.

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